Membership Renewal 2018/19

Subscriptions for the Year 2018/19, £30 each, due by Saturday 31st March

Dear members, please be advised that your subscription renewal is due shortly. The payment deadline if you wish to be registered by the club with England Athletics is Saturday 31st March 2018.

England Athletics have raised the Individual Registration Fee once more and it is now £15 per person. It has been agreed that our club membership fee can be held at £30 for full year membership. This is the third price increase by England Athletics in as many years. So far we have been able accommodate these increases, but please be advised that this may need to be reflected in the membership fee for the year 2019/20.

You may recall that last year was the first time that we had the 31st March deadline. Your co-operation in getting funds cleared into the account on a timely basis ensured the whole registration process was very smooth and is much appreciated, I hope you can do the same again this year as it makes the job of the Club Secretary much less onerous.

Please note there have been a few changes to our admin this year.

We are encouraging everyone to make his or her subs payment by PayPal

You will not be able to access the PayPal page without completing fully the Membership Renewal Form at Membership renewal Form

It is very important that we have current details for all of our members, this new process will ensure, all contact details for both you and your emergency contact will be up to date and so I encourage you to take the time to fill this in correctly. We would also ask that any future changes are passed onto

If you decide to pay by bank transfer, then you must still complete the Membership Renewal Form.

If we do not have both your payment and a newly completed membership form by Saturday 31st March, we will not proceed with England Athletics membership on your behalf.

In summary there are a few things we require you to do please:

  1. Complete the Membership Renewal Form (if paying via our PayPal button you cannot proceed until this is done)
  2. Make your payment by PayPal
  3. If the name you go by at the club is different to your bank account details, then please use your known name in your “Delivery Address” so that it is obvious who you are.
  4. If you are paying for another member on PayPal i.e Spouse/Partner then you must change the “Delivery Address” in PayPal to the other members name and the Membership Renewal Form must also be filled out by them – the CHANGE option is as below;
  5. If you prefer you can still make your payment directly into the club bank account with the reference Subs then your name – e.g. SUBS – Dionne Whelan

If you are paying for another member, e.g. partner/spouse it is much easier for us if you can take the time to make two separate payments please. (e.g. Subs – Dionne Whelan then a second entry Subs – Conor Whelan). Each member must complete the membership renewal form separately

Payments into the club bank account can be done electronically or by visiting the bank. Details are here.

Thanks in advance to everyone for your help in ensuring a smooth start to the new membership year and I look forward to seeing you achieve your running goals whatever they may be.

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