Chairman’s post – Metro Bank, Club Kit, Membership renewals 206/17

Hi All, I have some very important updates for you about SUBS and KIT, so please do take the time to read this post and apologies that it is so long.
The club has grown from strength to strength over the past few years and I am sure you will all agree with me that all past and present committee members have done a great job over this time.
As a result of our increased numbers, lots of the tasks that were easy to manage when we were a small group where the committee personally knew every member are becoming more difficult now and take up a lot of time.
We have therefore decided to put the following procedures in place:

1. We have moved to Metro bank who allow us to do online banking.

2. With immediate effect, all payments of subs, Christmas meals etc must be paid online, or if you do not have online banking, you can go to Metro Bank (there is one by Waitrose in Oakgrove) to pay money in to the account. We will no longer accept cash or cheques.

I appreciate this may be an inconvenience to individuals but the workload on the treasurer in monitoring who the cash was from and the frequent trips to the bank to pay it in is too high especially considering this time is given freely to the club.

3. When paying in to the bank account we request that you clearly state on the reference your name and what is being paid e.g Dionne Whelan – subs, Julie Kennedy – Christmas.

If the name you use at the club is different to the one on your bank account please use the name we know you by. When we were smaller it was easier to identify people who used both a married name and a maiden name, with over 200 members this is no longer a 1 minute task, we can sometimes spend hours figuring out who has paid and what they have paid for, so your upfront help with this is much appreciated. For those that are unable to change the reference on their payments would you please set up a new payment and reference accurately describing the payment you are making, if you are paying for two separate items eg Christmas and BBQ, please split the payments. Please don’t use the same reference for everything as this adds an extra workload to the treasurer trying to work out what payments are actually for.

4. Kit can now be ordered directly from the supplier and a weblink has been posted on the MKLR site. The only kit ordered by the club will be vests for new members. We have negotiated slightly better deals and there are now two suppliers who you can use:
a. Dare 2 Wear provide our training kit, hoodies etc that we have always used – this link is already uploaded on to the website in the kit tab
b. Fusion now provide a range of higher quality race kit – this is at a higher price but may be of interest to those doing longer races who have found the seams on the training kit to be uncomfortable – the link to Fusion is not yet available.

5. When renewing your membership, if you have a change of address, or emergency contact details etc please remember to inform us by sending an e-mail to or using the contact tab on the website.
Subs of £30 per person are now due for the year from 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017

We will be applying to UK Athletics to register individual members immediately after 30th April. If you have not paid your subs by 30th April we will not register you and so you cannot apply for reduced race entry fees. In the past we have chased people who we thought should have paid, once again the sheer size of the club now prohibits this, we will post weekly reminders on Facebook, however it is your responsibility to pay your subs on time if you want to be registered with EA and considered eligible for the Virgin Money London Marathon club ballot.

The bank details are on the FAQ Page of the members part of the website AND posted on the Members Only Facebook page.

I hope you will all understand the need for these changes and embrace them. Happy Running.

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