MK Lakeside Runners Risk Assessments

Group Runs in Public Areas – Generic Risk Assessment

Hazard descriptionPerson(s) at riskControl MeasuresNotes
Traffic/Road junctionsRunners, leaders/coaches, third partiesBrief runners on specific hazards.  Run on pavements/footpaths/redways wherever possible.  Use designated crossing points where possible.  Leaders/front runners to alert group when approaching roads/crossings.  Wear hi vis clothing/lights. 
Third partiesRunners, leaders/coaches, third partiesRemind runners to be aware of third parties during briefing.  Communication within group while running.  Alert third parties to the group’s approach as appropriate.  Run in single file where necessary. Third parties include other runners, pedestrians, cyclists, dog walkers, horses and riders
Poor/uneven road surfaceRunners, leaders/coachesLeaders/coaches to familiarise themselves with route and identify hazards.  Brief Runners on specific issues.  Encourage communication within the group to identify hazards and alert others. 
Medical emergencyRunners, leaders/coachesEmergency procedures in place, and leaders/coaches briefed on these.  Leaders/coaches to carry mobile phone and first aid kit.Follow MKLR procedures
Weather conditionsRunners, leaders/coachesGuidelines regarding cancellation of runs due to weather conditions in place.  Weather forecast checked prior to runs.  Advise Runners regarding appropriate clothing and equipment – warm clothing, waterproof clothing, water, sunscreen as required. Follow MKLR guidelines
Navigational errorRunners, leaders/coachesLeader to familiarise themselves with route.  When running off road on trails leaders/coaches should consider carrying maps, compass, GPS as appropriate. 
Group separation, loss of runner from groupRunnersLeader/coach to “head count” at start and end of run.  Brief runners on route.  Place leaders/coaches/assistants in appropriate positions within group.  Ensure run backs are in operation and that the group understand the principles of runbacks. 
Running in the darkRunners, leaders/coaches, third partiesRun in well-lit areas wherever possible.  Wear hi-vis clothing and lights.  Encourage members to use head torches or similar 
  • A dynamic risk assessment should be carried out by the leader/coach during the run, and runners alerted to any hazards identified. 

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