Congratulations, Thanks, Track Session, Subs and Social Night…

Few things to update on…

Well done to all the graduates on completing the 10 week course with a massive 5km group run. It looked like the best graduation run I can remember so well done to all of you, and thanks to club mates for making it so special.

Thanks again to Keith for this course, and the many many courses he’s completed before. Probably 25 odd courses so easily hundreds of runners have had their start with the help of Keith and MKLR. Absolutely amazing commitment – we will sorely miss him.

All members are cordially invited to Track Session next week. Wed 21st at 19:00 – the session is free, suitable for all runners at any level and more importantly a great session and lots of fun.

We have 2 weeks left to complete Membership renewals. All forms and money needs to be sorted to allow the club to affiliate all runners to England Athletics. This benefit provides insurance on runs, during events, and you get discounts on all sorts of Brands too. One pair of trainers bought will reimburse your £15 easily…
Should any member have financial difficulties regarding renewals please contact prior to the deadline.

Lastly – Social Night on 24th March at The Old Beams. Come along for a meal, or a drink. Please see the posts on here, or on Facebook. Please let Simon know if you;re coming, or drop an email to

As ever – any issues or questions please contact us via

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