MKLR – Wearing headphones whilst running with the club

We know that some members find running with headphones a key part of their running experience. Listening to music whilst running can be motivational for some. However, there are safety issues connected to wearing headphones while running – many races now ban runners wearing them.  You may not hear what is going on around you and potentially could cause a danger to yourself and other runners by not hearing traffic, other footpath users or the instructions from run leaders and coaches.
Whilst we do not want to ban members from wearing headphones; we do discourage it. If you choose to wear headphones during club runs it is your responsibility to ensure that you can hear the instructions given by run leaders and coaches at ALL times and you do not put yourself or other runners at risk whilst running on the roads and footpaths.
We recommend you leave the headphones at home or to use at the gym and enjoy the company of friends and other club members instead.
MKLR Coaching Team

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