New UKA rules for competition

There has been a change in the rules regarding compulsory athlete registration in competitions held under UKA Rules. The following information should make it clear. But in summary, in order to compete in races, under the club name and claim the UKA discount, it is important that you pay your club subscription immediately it falls due, so that the club can register you with UKA in accordance with the new rules:

At the start of April new UKA Rules for Competition will come into effect which include important changes regarding compulsory athlete registration in competitions held under UKA Rules (these rules apply in competitions for the Under 13 Age Group and above).

It will be all the more important athletes check that their registration with England Athletics is renewed for the 2016-17 season.

It is therefore important that competing athletes ensure they are up to date with payment of their club subscriptions and that, when due, these their ‘club subs’ are renewed promptly so that their England Athletics athlete registration fee can be paid.

(While road runners will still be able to compete unattached, athletes who wish to represent their club (and claim the registered athlete discount on entry fees) in road running events, will need to be registered with England Athletics.)

Athletes who are not yet registered with England Athletics should speak to their club to ensure they become registered. Those already registered will need to ensure their registration is renewed for the 2016-17 season after 1 April.

Further advice for athletes (and parents of young athletes) including how to check whether you are registered and your registration details is available at

Guidance for membership secretaries, team managers, coaches, and event organisers is available as follows:

While athlete registration has been a part of the rules of the sport for a number of years these changes mean it is essential that club athletes are registered and aware of their registration details.

We recommend you make yourself familiar with the information that is relevant to you and, where appropriate, draw the attention of others to the information that is relevant to them.

Click here to read UKA’s announcement.

Clubs are a fundamental part of the sport and as such it is not possible for an individual to register with England Athletics other than through an affiliated club.

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