Risk Assessment for members running with buggies

Running with Buggies – Generic Risk Assessment

Hazard descriptionPerson(s) at riskControl MeasuresNotes
Fall from buggyChildOnly buggies designed for running to be used (3 wheeled buggies only). Child to be secured with 5 point harnessBuggy to be used by child’s parent or guardian only
Uneven terrainChild, parent/guardianBuggies only to be used on redways, pavements and other suitable paths. Recce route prior to running with buggyIt is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with the route before the run, and to determine the suitability for running with a buggy.
Collision between buggy/othersChild, parent/guardian, other runners, members of the publicMake group aware that you intend to run with a buggy. Be alert to others running with you, other people using the route. Call out to warn other runners/pedestrians as you are approaching/passing Only run with buggies on paths of suitable widthSuitable width paths are those wide enough for a running buggy to pass a pedestrian without either leaving the path.
Crossing roadsChild, parent/guardian, members of the publicApproach all road crossings with caution – be prepared to stop. Check carefully for traffic before proceeding. Ensure buggy does not leave the pavement until it is safe to crossBe aware that it may be more difficult to stop suddenly while pushing a buggy at speed
Injury/medical emergency while runningParent/guardianParent/guardian to advise club of ICE contact who will take care of the child if the running parent/guardian is injured/taken ill. Contact details to be carried by the parent/guardianNormal club emergency procedures to be followed
  • It is the responsibility of the runner to ensure that they are fit and able to run with the buggy at a speed appropriate for the group.
  • The above is not an exhaustive list.  A dynamic risk assessment should be carried out by the runner during the run.  Be aware of specific hazards on the route – for example, lakes/rivers, dogs, cyclists.
  • Take into account weather conditions and seasonal variations – snow/ice, high winds, leaves/debris on paths

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