Members member Vote 2016/17

Members Member of the Year – Round 1 results are done and dusted.

Now it’s Top 3 time, and time to vote again. You have to next Monday (31st) to let me know by PM or email who is your vote from the following 3.
Nominations for round 1 covered 15 different members, and the reasons were varied and numerous. From behind the scenes work, leading by example, being inspirational, being so competitive it’s funny, staggering performances, wearing a single calf-guard, being a muppet, the reasons covered all aspects of the club! (most were serious – I promise)

In no particular order the top three were;

Debbie CoolmanMark Atkinson (Late Group), and Julian Holden

Well done to all 3, and to be fair all 3 are a triple threat, with commitment to the club, leading by example, and amazing performances.

Please let me know your vote ASAP (privately). Announcement to be made at the BBQ.

Thanks to all for voting, it has been great to see all the votes come in, and highlight all the best bits about our club.

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