New Website – Welcome!!

A huge thank you goes to club member Julian Holden for creating and maintaining the new website for us. He’s spent many hours on this so please all take a minute to thank him when you next see him. The club pay for hosting and domain costs from the yearly subs and the costs are minimal.

We have a much easier way of adding in future races, and have a new page for recording PB’s (if you want to). It’s also a one stop shop for coaches who have a separate section so they can maintain all of our brilliant schedules and plan their sessions.

Very soon we will be adding in additional features so please watch this space.

Please take a good look around, this should be a one stop place for everything you need from the club. If you happen to find any issues, or have queries, or ideas to add please let us know via the contact page.

We also owe thanks to Marion Pelmore who spent many years looking after the site and as you will see a LOT of what we have here is direct from all of her hard work.

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