Message from the Chairman 02-04-2012

Having been MKLR Club Chairman for 3 months I thought it would be a great opportunity to review just what we have accomplished as a Club so far this year:

  • The Beginners have finished their initial training and completed 5k with flying colours
  • We have had a number of new runners join both Groups and we have seen the 7.30pm Group grow in numbers over the past few months, largely due to the enthusiasm and commitment of Andy, Chris, Fiona and Ade.
  • John West, Jane, Jeanette and Debbie have all successfully completed their Leadership in Running Fitness course and joined Richard, Paula Morisco-Tarr, Sue, and Keith on the Coaching Team. Debbie has also completed and passed a Be Inclusive and Active course. This is recognised by the National Skills Academy. Ran by interactive and supported by Sport England and particular in the Olympics year helps sports clubs understand and encourage disabled peoples participation in sport.
  • Keith has done a great job in coaching and organising the Beginners with much appreciated support from other members of the Club and to recognise this we have given Keith the title of  Leading Coach (Beginners) this is not a new role but a recognition for all Keith’s hard work at a time when he was also having to deal with the uncertainty of his knee surgery – which he seems to be making an excellent recovery from and we all look forward to welcoming him back to the Club soon.
  • Reduction of annual subs and just one payment which can now be completed directly to the Bank.
  • A new training vest for all paid up members for the 2012/13 season, to promote the Club and thank members for their loyalty and commitment to MKLR.
  • We’ve got a fresh and exciting new Website which continues to improve by the day thank you to Marion, Chris and Kevin.
  • A great team Social at Wetherspoons and the start of a regular social calendar, all organised by Paula – thank you.As we go into a new Membership year we can look forward to MK Lakeside Runners going from strength to strength as a great Running Club with the ongoing loyalty, support and commitment of all our Club members and your Committee.


Thank You

Val Hall

MKLR Chairman

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